About Us

Robert StiresWe provide quality accounting, tax and business consulting services to a diverse group of individuals, partnerships, LLCs and corporations. 

The sale of your Company products or services is the most important element of your business and yet the importance of understanding the financial implications of those sales or services cannot be over-emphasized.   Accounting has been referred to as the language of business. Our objective is to help you understand the language, realize your financial goals and make your business more successful while simplifying your workload.

In an effort to continually provide you with more valuable services, we've taken the initiative to present your financial statements in a narrative, plain-language report which highlights the areas of your business which are the strongest and those which may need improvement, while outlining an action plan for reaching your financial goals.   

Preparation, analysis and understanding historical financial statements, the use of budgets, projections, break-even analysis and business plans help assure your Company's financial success. We can assist you with these tools to help you manage your financial future.

Remember, our goal is to help you succeed through understanding and planning.    Call today for a no-cost; no-obligation consultation.